Social Impact and Public Policy

Houghton Bradford Whitted PC, LLO is committed to providing its clients the advice to help them navigate the complexities of public policy. Our mission is to work with organizations and institutions committed to social change regionally, nationally, and globally by developing strategies that will make a difference. We have decades of experience in areas where public policy decisions make a significant difference, i.e. juvenile justice, criminal justice, housing, youth violence, affordable housing, immigration policy, education, work force, tax policy, and health care.

Our approach is singular, to meet our clients’ needs by determining:

» Whom do they serve,
» What do they want to accomplish, and
» How can to leverage the aspirations and needs of our clients with our skills and experience to bring their goals to reality.
» Strategic relationships are crucial to helping our clients realize their goal. We assist our clients to mold their message to get them in front of the proper individual. Our network of trusted relationships is critical to creating partnerships and influencing public policy and public awareness.

Our services include:

» Legislative and policy Research;
» Lobbying legislative and regulatory entities; Build partnerships;
» Political advice; Public outreach strategies; and Investigating funding options.

Our Team
Brad Ashford served in the U.S. Congress representing the 2nd District of Nebraska. He served on the Agriculture and the Armed Services committees. Brad also served in the Nebraska Legislature for 16 years. He was Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Ashford has experience in labor law, regulatory law, and legislation and has worked on numerous public/private partnerships as a legislator and as an advisor. Brad was a founding member of the MECA Board in Omaha, a quasi-governmental body formed to develop and operate the riverfront arena and convention center.

As a Legislator he aided the development of the Buffett Cancer Center at UNMC. As a member of Congress, Brad spearheaded the successful effort to pass legislation that paved the way for a new public/private VA medical facility in Omaha. Brad has a keen interest in the practice of mediating disputes in both the public and private sectors.

Burke Harr provides a diverse background in the law. After clerking for the Nebraska Court of Appeals, Burke prosecuted felony criminal cases as a deputy county attorney for Douglas County, and headed the white collar crime division. He practiced corporate and real estate law representing the federal government and large institutional clients at Nebraska’s largest law firm before focusing his practice with Bradford Coenen and now Houghton Bradford & Whitted.

Burke served as a State Senator in the Nebraska Legislature. He served on Agriculture; Banking, Commerce, and Inusrance; Business and Labor; General Affairs; Judiciary; and Revenue Committees. Burke chaired the Business and Labor Committee and was also chosen by his colleges to serve on several Select and Special Committees.

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