Real Estate Law

Real estate law can be a complex field to navigate, but the attorneys at Houghton Bradford Whitted are here to help make your real estate transactions as smooth as possible. Our attorneys can help you through the all phases of your real estate ventures, from forming business and associations, acquiring and developing properties, and the creation of policies for residential and commercial tenants. We can help decipher applicable local and state regulations regarding zoning ordinances and land use, as well as provide knowledge on planning boards.

In the event that litigation is necessary, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you successfully handle disputes, including landlord-tenant issues, eviction proceedings, breach of contract claims, and appeals of regulatory board decisions.

Our Focus:
» Real estate contracts and agreements
» Tax-Free Exchange Planning
» Purchase and Sales Agreements
» Condominium Association Formation
» Development Assistance
» Land Contracts
» Leases
» SID Formation and Representation
» Landlord/tenant issues
» Eviction proceedings
» Boundary disputes
» Easements
» Partitions
» Title Examination
» Zoning issues

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