Houghton Bradford Whitted PC, LLO

Social Impact and Public Policy

HBW is committed to providing clients with advice to navigate the complexities of public policy and work toward social change.


In any litigation, it is important that you be represented by competent, knowledgeable, creative and caring individuals who can guide you through the complexities associated with litigating in today's legal system. Our lawyers are experts in a wide variety of litigation, including personal injury litigation, business and commercial litigation and construction and design professional's litigation.

Construction & Design

Representing design professionals, general contractors and specialty subcontractors in the construction industry requires familiarity with rapidly developing construction concepts and the accompanying law. Houghton Bradford Whitted has the expertise to assist clients in this increasingly complex area of law.

Business & Corporate

The challenges of "doing business" can be daunting. Houghton Bradford Whitted lawyers are committed to providing our clients with the kind of guidance that is required in today's era of government regulations and the complex relationships businesses deal with on a daily basis.

Estate Planning

Developing optimal solutions to financial, retirement and estate planning problems requires objectivity and creativity - a readiness to consider current options and to find new ones. It also depends on having the best tools and how to use them. The firm's services include all matters relating to the design, drafting and implementation of a comprehensive estate plan.

Real Estate

The only asset they "aren't making anymore" deserves the care and expertise of lawyers who thoroughly understand all the ramifications of real estate - from negotiation to closing. It may be a dense forest for some, but the lawyers at Houghton Bradford Whitted have successfully charted the course in hundreds of complex transactions.

Criminal Law

We understand the federal and state criminal justice systems and how prosecutors develop their cases. Using our knowledge of the system, the players and the strategies, we work to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Family Law

HBW assists its clients in dealing with some of life's most difficult family law matters, providing clients with honest, objective and compassionate representation backed by decades of experience in the most personal of legal practices.

Juvenile Law

Through regular appearances in juvenile court, we are familiar with juvenile court rules of procedure and the local practices involved. We work with children, parents and interested relatives to both protect constitutional rights and find constructive solutions to legal action taken with respect to minor children.